In Yakutia, more than 30 yard areas flooded by the flood

© RIA Novosti / swamp Baccalaureate in fotobanka. Archival photoIn Yakutia, more than 30 yard areas flooded by the flood© RIA Novosti / swamp Baccalaureate the image Bank

More than 30 yard areas have been inundated by floods in the Berezovka village of srednekolymskiy district in Yakutia, the threat of flooding in the city of Srednekolymsk removed after the explosion of the ice on the river, told RIA Novosti on Monday the representative of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

He said that at the present time the active phase of the ice on the Kolyma river passes through the territory of verkhnekolymskiy and Srednekolymsky districts of Yakutia.

«From-for sharp rising of water on the Berezovka river (a tributary of the Kolyma river), Sunday level amounted to 1069 cm with the critical level of 1000 cm. In the village of Berezovka flooded 34 courtyards, including 18 homes. In flooded areas living 186 people, 111 people in flooded homes. In addition, impounded four socially significant objects», — said the source.

According to him, in Berezivka deployed temporary accommodation centers (TACs) on the basis of township high school, which previously had been evacuated 27 people, 84 people are placed with relatives. With a population conducted outreach to notify about the threat of flooding. There is a group of rescuers.

«As you move the ice drift on the river Kolyma there was an increase in water levels near the town of Srednekolymsk srednekolymskiy district of the Republic. Conducted a reconnaissance, after which the river spent blasting. Since blasting the drop in water level at Srednekolymsk was more than 130 centimeters, the level is reduced. Threat to the city at the moment, no,» said the source.

He said that the forecast for possible flooding were known in advance, so advance taken preventive measures. Currently in the Srednekolymsk district continues to work of the interdepartmental operative group GUMCHS of Russia in the region and the government of the Republic.