Klintsevich commented on McCain’s statements about Putin and Lavrov

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotoracconti USA John McCain. Archival photoKlintsevich commented on McCain’s statements about Putin and Lavrov© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Russia should be prepared for the fact that Russian-American relations can stoop to the level of the cave; this is evidenced by the statements of Senator John McCain about the meeting of U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said a member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich.

Earlier, McCain in the transfer of Fox News Sunday, commenting on the recent meeting of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. President Donald trump said that the Russian Minister had «nothing to do in the oval office». Us Senator also said Lavrov «a propagandist and a henchman» of President Vladimir Putin.

«If to call things by their proper names, John McCain, made similar comments, showed the world to what the level of the cave, under certain circumstances, may fall to Russian-American relations. Of course, such a development is unlikely, but not excluded, and we need to be ready» — quoted Klintsevich his press service.

According to him, over McCain in the USA «are well known and quite powerful forces whose interests he expresses».