Media reported the resignation of the CEO of Ford to resign

© AP Photo / Mark LennihanГенеральный Director of Ford mark fieldsMedia reported the resignation of the CEO of Ford to resign© AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

CEO of the American automobile concern of Ford Motor Co. Mark fields (Mark Fields) to resign, he was replaced by the head of the «daughter» of the company’s Ford Smart Mobility LLC — James Hackett (James Hackett), the magazine writes Forbes, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Change leadership is associated with loss of trust Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ford, bill Ford (Bill Ford) to the fields, said the sources. Fields has failed to unite the workers of the automaker around a common goal and to make critical decisions on the strategy of the company. In addition, all the large concerns of the Board of Directors caused the deterioration of business Ford, despite substantial profits, the sources noted.

The company will become Vice President of public relations ray day (Ray Day), it will be replaced by mark Truby (Mark Truby), which occupies a similar position in the division of Ford in the Asia-Pacific region. The increase will be given to the head of Ford Europe, middle East and Africa James Farley (James Farley) and head of North American division Joseph Hinrichs (Joseph Hinrichs), the sources added.

Press Secretary Ford refused to confirm changes in the composition of the administration group. «We remain focused on our plan of value creation (for shareholders — an edition) and profitable growth. We do not comment on speculation or rumors,» he was quoted journal.

Ford this year expects a profit before tax of nine billion dollars, emphasizes the publication. While its market share decreased. The price of Ford stock during the headship of fields fell by 40%.

The company Ford was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, who created it, getting business development 28 thousand dollars from five investors. The company became known as the first in the world to introduce the classic car Assembly conveyor.