Members of Misanthropic Division* partially admitted guilt in the case of extremism

© Photo : AGN»Moscow»trial of the criminal case against members of the extremist community Misanthropic Divi (an extremist organization banned in Russia)Members of Misanthropic Division* partially admitted guilt in the case of extremism© Photo : AGN»Moscow»

Three members of the international neo-Nazi organization Misanthropic Division* partially admitted guilt in the case of extremism, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the audience of the Moscow district military court.

The defendants admitted that he had created groups in social networks «Vkontakte» and was supervised by them and placed in groups materials about Adolf Hitler. However, according to statements by the accused, they do not consider their actions crimes of an extremist orientation.

According to the investigation, the extremist community Misanthropic Division* in October 2013, was created by Dmitry Pavlov. Members of Misanthropic Division* actively publish online materials inciting hatred against Jews, blacks, Muslims as well as promoting Nazism and racism.

The defendants are alleged leaders and members of the structural units are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation extremist community Misanthropic Division* — Vitaly Tsaruk, Victor Pekhterev and Cyril Halepa. He is charged with nine crimes of extremist and terrorist nature.

Members of this organization first become involved in criminal cases in Russia. Earlier this year, as stated by RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies, the case filed against the head of the Rostov branch of the Misanthropic Division* Ruslan Pavlyuk. According to investigators, the detainee was involved in the attack on the journalist of the Internet edition «Caucasian knot» Vladislav Ryazantsev in Rostov-on-don in January 2017.

The self-proclaimed authorities of Donetsk national Republic stated that the suspect Misanthropic Division* the organization of terrorist acts on the territory of the Republic. Members of this organization took responsibility for the killing of a militia commander Arsen Pavlov with the Callsign «Motorola».

Criminal case is investigated against the leader of the Misanthropic Division* Dmitry Pavlov, who, as stated in the RF IC last summer, hiding in Germany.

*Extremist organization banned in Russia