On the highway that connects Venice to the mainland, a major accident

© Flickr / Luca PrioliМашина ambulance, Italy. Archival photoOn the highway that connects Venice to the mainland, a major accident© Flickr / Luca Prioli

More than 20 people were injured Monday in a collision of bus and truck on the highway that connects Venice to mainland Italy.

The accident occurred around five in the morning in Mestre, an industrial satellite city of Venice. According to initial reports, a truck collided with a bus, but carried on a center median and partially in the oncoming traffic.

Camion tampona il bus tra Mestre e Venezia, 24 feriti https://t.co/AJGoro8RJl pic.twitter.com/txdwFnHzu2

— tribuna di Treviso (@tribuna_treviso) 22 may 2017

On the scene arrived fire brigade, three fire trucks with a crane and police.

According to the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, of the 24 affected hospitalization took 13, including the truck driver, but their condition does not cause fears.

Accident has caused considerable difficulty in moving towards Venice, as happened at the entrance to the four-kilometer-long bridge of Freedom which connects the island city to the mainland.

ilfaroonline.it Camion contro bus, 24 feriti a #Mestre: A bordo del mezzo Dell Actv C erano… https://t.co/AsRiUGrVxS https://t.co/G5RA2b1Q6M pic.twitter.com/5P4mKsRexa

— Angelo Perfetti (@angelo_perfetti) 22 may 2017