Paralympians are still out of the game: IPC upheld the suspension RCC

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The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) though noted the progress of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) in the process of rebuilding the membership in an international organization, however, extended the suspension of PKR – the term is undefined. The fate of the performance of Russian Paralympians at the winter Games in Pyeongchang remains unknown.

Last week in Barcelona, a meeting of the Executive Committee of the IPC, salesasia report of the working group on restoration of the status of RCC, the results of which was declared on current decisions. The removal of PKR, which in August 2016, announced President of the IPC Philip Craven, with the result that the Russians missed the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro, remains in force — the Board of Directors decided unanimously.

However, the work of the RCC, conducted in accordance with the received from international organizations to the road map, did not go unnoticed. In early may, the coordinating Committee RCC met with the working group of the IPC in Bonn and reported on the progress of the restore criteria, as well as detailed list of the Russian athletes for anti-doping testing.

However, the IPC found that while you are still far not all of the criteria. «Although the working group was encouraged by the progress of the CRP, there are a number of criteria for recovery, that remains to be done. Therefore, the working group recommended that the Executive Committee extend the suspension RCC at this stage,» said Monday the head of the working group IPC Andy Parkinson. «In General, the Executive Committee is satisfied with the cooperation and the steps undertaken by RCC in different directions to recover the membership,» said Craven.

The decision for Pyeongchang will be in September

While it is still unknown whether the Russian Paralympic athletes to perform at the Olympics 2018 in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. Because of the removal of the RCC, the Russian Paralympic-winter roads in many sports in the past season are unable to participate in international competitions, which were qualifying for the Olympics.

According to Craven, the fate of the performance of Russian team at the Paralympics in 2018 will be decided in the September meeting of the Executive Committee of the IPC. «In September we will have another meeting (on the Executive Committee of the IPC) with the working group, and if the criteria (for restoration of the membership of RCC) are not met by that time, we will be extremely difficult to restore the membership of the CRP for participation of Russian national team in the Paralympic games in 2018,» said Craven.

Director of public relations of the IPC’s Craig Spence said that the Russians in any case not be able to compete at the Paralympic games under a neutral flag. «It’s not our policy», — said the representative of the international organization.

In separate subjects of the Russian team in the event of removal from RCC suspension can be offered additional quotas. «With regard to wheelchair Curling, the Russian team is already qualified for the Games in 2018, so if the suspension is lifted RCC, she will perform in Pyeongchang. If we talk about the types in the snow, perhaps we will be able to offer additional places for RCC. If we talk about hockey, we have developed this question. We hope that before September, the RCC will fulfill all the criteria, the suspension will be lifted, and headaches we have diminished,» said Spence.

«The ball is on the side of Russia»

The head of the IPC once again stressed that the Russian side should take active steps to fix all those problems, which revealed the investigation Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren.

«ASM does a good job and is showing progress in rebuilding its membership (IPC), said Craven. — RCC and the Russian authorities should act to fix those problems, which opened an investigation of McLaren. As President of the IPC, I want this situation resolved as quickly as possible and to see the Russian athletes competing in international tournaments. We will do everything to help the Russian side to fulfill the criteria on time.»

«The ball is now on Russia’s side, and we need to see action from their side. We have reached a moment when needed to see changes to the situation once and for all fix», — said the President of the IPC.

Regret and disappointment

The head of the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA) Vitaly Smirnov has declared to Agency «R-Sport» that the decision of the IPC had disappointed him. «This news is regrettable and frustrating, because the huge work the Russian Paralympic Committee and WADA. WADA itself notes that it appreciates the cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee and Paralympic Committee of Russia», — said Smirnov.

Member of the Executive Committee of RCC, a multiple Paralympic champion Sergey Shilov said that the IPC’s decision was predictable. «Another decision from the Craven it was hard to expect. In September, the IPC will make the decision to allow or not to allow us to Paralympic games. ASM at the same time meets the requirements that we presented. And about sixty items of requirements has already been done and the documents sent. And more than 40 points IPC we have already read. But the most difficult point, which keeps us, as I understand it — is the restoration of accreditation of RUSADA. And this will depend on whether they’ll let us Paralympics,» — said Shilov.

However, he noted that many Russian Paralympic athletes are already mentally prepared for the fact that they will not allow and until the winter Games. «You know, once they have been not allowed to go to Games and we survived it, — said the Agency interlocutor. We certainly hope for a positive outcome. But many guys are already ready, what with the winter games is all the same as summer. But the minimum hope is still there».

In turn, member of the Executive Committee of the RCC and the Council IPC athletes Mikhail Terentiev is confident that a positive decision on the restoration of the RCC can be taken only after the change of the Board of IPC, elections will be held in September. «Unfortunately, we have not heard in the framework of the activities of the working group IPC — at some point we lost the thread of trust discuss the problems of Russian and international Paralympic movement. Craven drove the situation to an impasse. And a positive decision can be taken only after election of the new composition of the Board of IPC,» said Terentyev on the phone.