Political scientist: Putin and Duterte will discuss regional security issues

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The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte during his visit to Russia to discuss with the Russian leader on regional security issues, as well as a number of other sectors, including energy and infrastructure, told RIA Novosti expert club «Valdai», the Director of the ASEAN Centre at MGIMO University Victor Sumsky.

Duterte will stay in Russia from 22 to 26 may with an official visit. Putin invited Duterte to visit during the meeting at the APEC summit in Peru, which took place in November last year.

According to Sumy, Filipino leader during his visit to Russia in addition to representatives of the Generalitat will be accompanied by a delegation of businessmen.

«The visit will be accompanied by a business forum at which guests will meet with potential Russian partners to discuss the optimum form of cooperation in the fields of energy, infrastructure and transport, agriculture, tourism. It is difficult to imagine that the presidents of Russia and the Philippines during his meeting 25 may also not addressed these issues as well as issues of regional security, without which sustainable growth of the Asian economies is unlikely to be possible,» — said the expert.

At the same Sumy also added that he sees no reasons that could prevent Moscow and Manila to comprehensively develop bilateral relations. «I see no reason that would prevent Russia and the Philippines – with political will on both sides to embark on the path of comprehensive development of bilateral relations and to bring them to a level of mutual trust which meets the definition of a «strategic partnership», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Duterte stated that his country needs high-precision weapons to combat rebels in the territory of the Philippines. The Philippine President also noted that during the visit he will need «to convince President Putin» to put Manila such weapons.

As noted by the Director of the ASEAN Centre at MGIMO University, the question of the purchase of Russian weapons arises from the Filipinos for the first time. «He was raised, for example, during an official visit to Moscow in September 1997, then President Fidel Ramos, but the stars at the time, that is, not agreed», — said Sumy.


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