Russian Paralympic athletes continue training for the winter games in 2018

© Fotolia / roibuИнвалидное chair on the tennis court. Archival photoRussian Paralympic athletes continue training for the winter games in 2018© Fotolia / roibu

Russian Paralympic athletes continue to prepare for the winter Paralympic games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, despite the fact that the Executive Committee of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) extended the suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) membership in the organization.

IPC in August last year, removed the Russians from the Paralympics in 2016 and deprived of RCC membership in the organization. The IPC Executive Committee on Monday unanimously voted to extend the suspension RCC. According to the head of the IPC Philip Craven, the decision about the participation of Russians in the Games in 2018 will be made at the IPC Executive Committee in September.

«RCC reports that the Russian athletes continue to prepare for the winter Paralympic games. In those sports which are not under the direct control of IPC, the Paralympic athletes continue to perform at major international competitions. RCC received official consent on the admission of athletes to participate in competitions from 17 international sports federations», — reads the statement of the RCC, posted on the official website of the organization.

In 2017, the athletes of national teams of Russia have already taken part in five world Championships for wheelchair tennis, track Cycling, wheelchair Curling, track and field athletics among people with intellectual disabilities (LIN) and table tennis LIN and SCI (lesions of the musculoskeletal apparatus), and also in the European Championships in wheelchair tennis.

Until the end of the year, the Russian Paralympic athletes will perform in eight world Championships (rowing, badminton, road Cycling, rowing and Canoeing, archery, triathlon, Taekwondo, fencing on wheelchairs) and 11 European Championships (for boccia, sitting volleyball, govolo, rowing and Canoeing, judo, equestrian sports, table tennis, wheelchair Rugby, triathlon, Taekwondo, football 5×5).