Russian scientists told us how to avoid skin cancer during the summer

© GenotekЛаборатория company GenotekRussian scientists told us how to avoid skin cancer during the summer© Genotek

Scientists from the company Genotek studied the predisposition of Russians to the development of skin cancer and made recommendations for lovers of summer beaches and sun protection from cancer, according to the press service of the company.

According to official statistics of the who, prolonged sun exposure is the main cause of developing melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. This is due to the fact that ultraviolet radiation or directly destroys the DNA or interacts with molecules in the skin cells and turns some of them into carcinogens.

Annually in Russia is diagnosed in up to 9,000 new cases of melanoma. This is the most common malignant tumor that metastasizes quickly. Approximately 40% of cases are unable to save due to late diagnosis, while if detected early melanoma is curable in 90% of cases.

Scholars interested in how often there are mutations in 16 genes related to the development of severe forms of melanoma. To find the answer to this question, they analyzed the DNA of about 1,500 people in Russia and neighboring countries.

Researchers are worried about the PIGU gene, mutations in which increase the likelihood of developing melanoma in 1,7 times, and also gene CDK10, minor typos which actually doubles the chances of developing skin cancer. Those and other changes are quite frequent in the genomes of Russians – mutations in CDK10 have 11% of the tested residents of Russia and the CIS, and failures in PIGU — 3%, said genetics.

In addition, the company’s specialists Genotek found that approximately 1.5% of Russians — mutation rs17119461 10 chromosome, which is several times increases the likelihood of skin cancer.

And carriers of these mutations, and the rest of the scholars recommended for trips to the beach or in very bright Sunny days, always use protection creams for sunburns, and umbrellas. Staff Genotek is recommended to use creams that contain substances that block ultraviolet a well — avobenzone, oxybenzone, Mexoryl, as well as the oxides of titanium and zinc.

The Russians predisposed to melanoma development, the researchers propose to use creams with a «double» level of SPF — 30 for short walks under the sun and 50 long stay at the beach. Such people should apply the cream not only on the face and body, but also on the ears, hands and feet and avoid the open sun during lunch hours.

Today is Russian Day melanoma diagnosis, national campaign to bring attention to skin cancer, organized by the National Alliance of dermatologists and cosmetologists. In more than hundred cities in Russia to give free advice to anyone who wants to pass diagnostics and to receive recommendations for the prevention of melanoma.