The court will return to claim exemption from the owner of a lioness, attacked student

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in footballwise. Archival photoThe court will return to claim exemption from the owner of a lioness, attacked student© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

The Engels district court of the Saratov region on Monday to continue consideration of the claim of the Prosecutor’s office, demanded to deprive the owner of the lioness, who previously attacked a 15-year-old.

Attack of a lioness on a student has occurred in Engels on April 24, the victim was hospitalized with bites. According to Ministry of health of the region, he escaped with scratches. The city Prosecutor’s office through court has demanded to take away contained in semi-free conditions of the lioness Maya, its owner the Energy of Aroana.

The court on may 10, has started consideration of the claim. According to the judge Natalia Savenkova, the hearing was postponed due to the involvement of the regional Department of Rosprirodnadzor and its territorial division in the Soviet and Engels areas of regional management of veterinary science to the process as third parties not independent claims.

The defendant in court, indicating that it now contains the lioness in captivity. The representative of Aroana said that currently the lioness is not in the house on street Turgeneva, near which occurred the attack on the schoolboy, and in the house of Aroana on the International street, where the animal has a cage.

Earlier, the court satisfied the claim of Aroana with the local authorities, need to ban the range of a lioness Maya in the common areas. This claim the defendant fully recognized. The court decision subject to immediate execution.