The international Paralympic Committee extended the suspension RCC

© Fotolia / roibuИнвалидное chair on the tennis court. Archival photoThe international Paralympic Committee extended the suspension RCC© Fotolia / roibu

The Executive Committee of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) voted unanimously to extend the suspension of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC), said the head of the working group IPC RCC Andy Parkinson.

The IPC Executive Committee meeting was held on Monday in Barcelona.

The head of the IPC Philip Craven in August 2016 announced that the Committee had taken a unanimous decision to remove the Russians from the Paralympics in 2016 and to deprive the RCC membership in the organization. Suspension RCC did not allow the Russian Paralympic athletes to take part in the qualifying competition at the Paralympics in 2018 in South Korea’s Pyeongchang.

The head of the RCC Vladimir Lukin in March reported that the Russian side has received a road map for restoration of membership. At the initiative of the RCC may 8-9 in Bonn, Germany hosted a meeting of the coordination Committee, RCC working group IPC to discuss the progress of implementation of the road map and to detalizirovannoi list of Russian athletes for anti-doping testing and discussion of methods for payment of financial obligations.