Welcome to «twin Peaks»: new episodes of the cult TV series

© Photo : WeeklyОбложка Entertainment magazine, Entertainment Weekly No. 1459 dated 31 March 2017Welcome to «twin Peaks»: new episodes of the cult TV series© Photo : Entertainment Weekly

The premiere of the new season of «twin Peaks», directed by David Lynch. Its creators decided to show a direct four episodes.

«Listen to the sounds, it’s already in our home,» said the Giant. This warning is the invitation. Welcome to the new season of «twin Peaks» — he was on our screens. Want a Cup of damn good coffee?

Many years ago, agent Cooper heard from Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge about the meeting in 25 years. The term has come to an end, but David Lynch was the last he heard. When the Director announced the sequel of the series, fans rejoiced long. A year later, Lynch left the project, citing the lack of funds for scenic work. Apparently, it was a method of pressure on Showtime, for which they filmed the show. If so, it worked — the Director came back and took all 18 episodes.

The Director abandoned linear narrative, introduced a lot of stories developing in parallel, increasing the space of the series.

The old «twin Peaks» was a closed system. The plot unfolded in and around the city. And even the Black Lodge have to hide what is behind the red curtains. In the sequel there are new locations: South Dakota, new York and Las Vegas.

Separately should be said about the music: David Lynch and his longtime composer Angelo Badalamenti did a good job. Grinding, noises and the roar of a Symphony, which perfectly manipulates the feelings of the viewer and creates a sense of anxiety. Welcome to «twin Peaks»: new episodes of the cult TV series

The continuation of «twin peaks» is still full of mysteries. In September, when will be shown the final episode, some of the responses will be found. FBI agents along with the chief in the performance of the David Lynch trying to unravel the cipher encoded in six clues: two erotic photos, picture of a child, weapons, pliers and a jar of beans. The audience will have to work on this puzzle with them.

The new series is already available in the official online theaters. Russian telepremera will be held on may 22 at 23:00.


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