Andrey Merzlikin: no need to judge the era on Facebook

© Photo : PR Tushenki television series the road to Calvary (2017)Andrey Merzlikin: no need to judge the era on Facebook© Photo : PR-NTV

MOSCOW, may 22 — RIA Novosti. In Pyatigorsk has finished the filming stage a new adaptation of «Calvary» with Anna Chipovskaya and Yulia Snigir in the role of the nurse Bulavina. The series on the epic by Alexei Tolstoy on the First world war, events of 1917 and the Civil war. It is planned that it will be released in November on the centenary of the Revolution and will be one of the main Premier of the new TV season of channel NTV, which is now actively changing its format, moving away from the image of the channel-brawler specializing in the bandit series.

«Ordeal» — a large-scale historical project with lots of costumes, scenery, extras and battle scenes, created with the support of the Ministry of culture. His shooting started in October of 2016 in St. Petersburg and continued in Moscow. The three spring months the crew spent in the North Caucasus, and will end production in Riga.

Manages the process one of the most experienced Russian Directors Konstantin Khudyakov («Who will pay for luck?», «Success»), and in the frame, you can see many famous actors, such as Anton Shagin, Yevgeny Stychkin, Aleksandr Yatsenko and Khodchenkova Svetlana and Andrey Merzlikina, who got the role swindler Zhadova.

During one of the final scenes in Pyatigorsk, Andrey Merzlikin talked to RIA Novosti and said, who and why need a third screen version of «Calvary» and why this work need to read and watch now.

Publication from Andrey Merzlikin ? (@merzlikinandrey) Mar 15 2017 at 6:02 PDT

Now I can already dispel this myth, which is specifically supported, especially for my followers on Instagram. We were shooting a scene where our heroes come from the icy water. Of course, under the clothes I have and Belinda had wetsuits, and so we really needed to get in the water. But we’re artists! Game — the root of our profession.

Interested to engage with profession, if you’re bored. Therefore, we find time for fun and sharing them with viewers and subscribers. I have such category: to broadcast from the site, and those who with me signed, can sometimes look behind the scenes. But I really haven’t told anyone about how I played this scene, «to the weak,» you first.

— We play a dashing couple. Arkady Jades and Lisa Rastorguev is the cat Basilio and the Fox Alisa from the other famous works of Alexey Tolstoy. Dashing revolutionary years they foraged banditry pure and simple. Curve life paths puts them in different cities, crimes and chases follow each other. We always somewhere to run and someone to Rob, already three or four times jumping out of Windows.

I have a feeling that our heroes specially climb higher, then to jump and to run, to swim, to sink. This time we were once the border situation, and needed to hide. But you do not want to reveal all the plot details.

— Do you have something?

— Konstantin Pavlovich found these moments — and even found the courage to infiltrate the drama of Tolstoy and approved script. He’s right during a shoot can change the scene to humanize Zhadova.

Agreed that is the quintessence of society. People of exceptional education and education, with a military past in which concepts of honor and dignity meant a lot. He knew how to behave and what to say in any society and any situation. And here almost in one day, he dismisses it all, became a man of the simplest and basest instincts. And his name fits: he has a greed to self-destruction, brutality. Seraphim of Sarov said that we need to change ourselves — and saved thousands. Start me with small things, start with good literature. This is the respect for yourself. Read good literature — begin to communicate with those who can discuss it. Changing circle of friends — other people you will have something good to stream from the read. You even start to eat differently! And now, believe less and less to Facebook, are not judged about the era of the social media posts. You become a human thinking, which can be divided into two heard and to oppose their opinions to the mass of negativity. And what about all only know how to grumble.

It happened to you. Yes, in Soviet times, I fought off the desire to read. Well, hard for me to give «Crime and punishment» by Dostoevsky in the eighth grade! I literally broke through it, but have not mastered. But when I did it in 30 years, then ran for Dostoevsky and swallowed his books — as the man who starved my whole life. Ate like the best food if me the lobsters in the restaurant covered. © Photo : PR Tushenki of the television series «road to Calvary» (2017)Andrey Merzlikin: no need to judge the era on Facebook© Photo : PR Tushenki of the television series «road to Calvary» (2017)

It is important that the viewer and the reader also gradually changed, albeit at a later age. In 30 years, many children are born — maybe they’ll see a book in your hand that says «Thick», and remember: dad was reading, maybe I’ll read his age. This is the link between generations.

A generation is what you’re doing and what you see your children: with whom you communicate, what you listen to, what books to read, who comes to your house or what language you speak with them. Everything has a value. I think now there is a possibility of Renaissance in everything: culture, history, art and traditions. We have now is a bare field: the system does not want! There is a vast virgin land — it is necessary to look for good people, ready to move forward.


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