Bathyscaphe «Tszyaolun» began to dive to the deepest place on the planet

© AFP 2017Китайский deep-water inhabited apparatus Tszyaolun. Archival photoBathyscaphe «Tszyaolun» began to dive to the deepest place on the planet© AFP 2017

Chinese manned deep-sea submersible «Tszyaolun» began the first dive to the deepest place on earth – the Challenger Deep in the Mariana trench, according to Xinhua news Agency.

The dive started at 7: 00 local time. Some three hours later, the machine reached the planned depth 7811 meters.

During the dive, specialists intend to test the operation of equipment, including «mechanical hands» of the submarine. The unit will also take samples of seawater, sediments and rocks. It is expected that «Tszyaolun» stay under water for about nine hours.

The tests are in the last stage of the 38th scientific ocean expedition of China, which started on 6 February. During this time, scientists investigated the South China sea and North Western Indian ocean.

«Tszyaolun» have already made the dive to the Mariana trench in 2012, then the submersible sank to a depth of 7062 meters.