Citizen of Kuzbass burned the car of a friend because of a debt of a thousand roubles

© RIA Novosti / Michael Maleinfertility in fotoracconti law enforcement. Archival photoCitizen of Kuzbass burned the car of a friend because of a debt of a thousand roubles© RIA Novosti / Michael Palyginimas the image Bank

The Kuzbass police has detained a resident of the village of malynivka, who burned the car of a friend, to «remind» him about the debt in 1 thousand rubles, reports the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry.

According to authorities, the fire of the car «Niva» 1996 release was completely destroyed. The damage caused to the owner, amounted to 110 thousand rubles. In addition, the injured standing next to a Ford Mondeo. Examination showed that the cause of the fire was arson.

«The police in hot pursuit established the identity of the arsonist. They found 37-year-old local resident. Police found that the victim owed the suspect 1 thousand rubles. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the attacker decided to recall the debt. He lit the rag and put it in the unlocked passenger compartment «Niva», — stated in the message.

As the police found out later the man shoved a rag in the gas tank and still the car «VAZ-2113» whose owner owed him 2 thousand rubles, but to fire it did not become, having decided that the debtor and so will understand his warning.

The detainee became the figurant of criminal case under article «intentional destruction or damage of property». Solves a question on excitation of another case for attempted second car. To the man threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.