Doctors said the number of injured in Manchester of children and adolescents

© AFP 2017 / Ben StansallЛюди leave the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester, UK. 23 may 2017Doctors said the number of injured in Manchester of children and adolescents© AFP 2017 / Ben Stansall

Of the 59 wounded in the attack in Manchester 12 people children under the age of 16, informs television channel Sky News referring to the representatives of the hospitals.

The victims of the attack at the stadium in Manchester the night before became 22.

Stadium «Manchester arena» has a capacity of 21 thousand people and is located to the North of the city centre. According to information on the website, «Manchester arena» is the largest indoor arena in the European Union. The arena was opened in 1995, the number of speakers in the stadium are British artists and celebrities like U2, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Luciano Pavarotti, Oasis, New Order.

Details of the explosion at the stadium in Manchester read in an online report by RIA Novosti >>

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