Everything goes according to plan: the presidential Council supported anti-doping initiatives

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin holds meeting of presidential Council on development of physical culture and sports. 23 may 2017Everything goes according to plan: the presidential Council supported anti-doping initiatives© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

The Council under RF President on development of physical culture and sports designated as faithful to the chosen path of the country in the fight against doping, actually approved the new plan of the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA) and supported the continuation of the activities of the authority under the direction of Vitaly Smirnova.

The presidential Council of the Russian Federation held on Tuesday in Krasnodar.

Convicted of doping should not take gosposty

Smirnov immediately began outlining the speech in which he urged to be more intolerant to people who do not share the anti-doping rules.

«Includes measures to monitor unfair (athletes). Measures will be taken to recover from the income and assets of the disqualified athletes and coaches that they have received as a prize, — said Smirnov at a meeting of the Council. — The same principle will be proposed in respect of disqualified athletes, if they qualify for replacing gosdolzhnosti. Employees found in violation of anti-doping rules will be limited or for life deprived the right to occupy these posts».

The head of the PLA stressed that «doping has become a threat not only to the career of an athlete, but also a career after sport».

These provisions formed the basis of the National plan of fight against doping. Smirnov has noticed that by February 2017 it is planned to prepare the main points of the plan. Also the head of the anti-doping Commission said that the plan «provides for the possibility that the repeated violations by athletes anti-doping rules of the Federation may be deprived of state accreditation».

The President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov suggested «to endorse the national plan for the fight against doping» as «the measures envisaged for the next prospects». Also the head of the ROC called on the Commission to Smirnova, conceived as a crisis unit in a serious misunderstanding between the Russian side and the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), continued its work.

«It is very important to preserve the reputation and effectiveness of the anti-doping system», – said Zhukov.

The Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov has noticed that in Russia «a large number of athletes devoid of rewards in result of rechecking of samples of the IOC». «We have this situation in cooperation with international organizations to fix, and we do,» said Balls, adding that «the Ministry of sports in conjunction with the ROC and RCC (the Russian Paralympic Committee) must provide an appropriate level of Russia’s positions in international sports organizations.»

«It is important to establish more constructive cooperation,» — said the Minister.


The meeting raised the topic of relations between the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for the restoration of the rights of Russian organizations. The Executive Committee of the IPC on may 22, noted the progress the RCC in the process of rebuilding membership and the execution of the received from international organizations road map, but unanimously voted to extend the suspension RCC. It is a combination of approval with distrust strongly touched the PKR President Vladimir Lukin.

«It’s amazing that the press conference IPC is according to this scheme: the glorification of the RCC that we work well and we are actually 62 points agreed. Easy to say but hard to do. And after the principle is this: the RCC continues to remain outside of IPC, because the main problem is not the road map and the paragraphs of the report of McLaren, which they call fundamental. Therefore, RCC is a scapegoat. And is now called date – September, when the RCC can be accepted, and may not be adopted», — said Lukin.

«Thus, there is a horizon line that separates the number of measures that are associated with specific dates. Unclear, the issue will be resolved in September more or less positively or not, — said the head of the RCC. — This means that it is necessary to support the Paralympic movement, which is a positive social project. You need to not give to destroy what we created.»

The head of the PLA Smirnov was also unhappy with the fact that the decision to restore the membership of the RCC was delayed until September, «and this is happening against the background of positive feedback.» «We remember the history of exclusion from the Paralympic games in 2016, and will do everything possible not to repeat it,» — said Smirnov.

Lukin praised the work of the PLA. «I join the opinion of Alexander Dmitrievich (Zhukov) about the usefulness of the PLA. If the Commission will continue to carry out its own independent monitoring – it will only be helpful,» he said.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has supported the view that the country should have zero tolerance for doping. «The most important thing for us to establish intolerant attitude to doping in General»,- said Putin.

The President also drew attention to the danger of the Institute of informants in the fight against doping.

«We know that this institution, sadly, are related to the tragic pages in the history of our state. This institution associated mass Stalinist political repression. For us it is of particular importance. And if WADA insists on it, I understand the developers of this plan very well,» Putin said.

Isinbayeva sees the danger in eSports

On the presidential Council were raised and other issues. Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said about the need to stop the practice of parallel tests of athletes, to which at the moment, the attitude of the loyal States. The fact that a number of athletes represent two or even three regions, receiving appropriate remuneration.

However, the President of the Russian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics (WPHG) Irina Viner-Usmanova believes that there is nothing wrong that win are rewarded and existing trainers, and those who are informed of an athlete educated.

Two-time Olympic champion in the pole vault said about the danger of the popularization of eSports initiative and more focus on domestic species.

«Today, children face the courtyard — with tablets, phones. They are all in this cyber-cyber-cyber… If we do not take measures for the development of street sports, we will run into big problems. If the child knows what’s what, from your mobile phone, it will not become an Olympic champion. We grow shopping malls, restaurants, but no sports. That is the real problem. I would like to ask you, to build playgrounds,» said Isinbayeva at the meeting.

The President of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) Vladislav Tretiak called for the speedy adoption of the program of development of hockey in the country by type of order, as is done in football, and the President of the KHL Dmitry Chernyshenko again remarked about the danger of such phenomena as state funding of unprofitable clubs. He even said that this team will soon be forced to look for performances of the new League.

Import substitution? In football? One hundred percent?

Was unexpectedly touched on the theme of football. The President asked the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev. «Mr President, there is one huge request. I know that Mr Mutko (Vitaly Mutko) already restricts the number of foreign players, and he is scolded even heard abused in Sochi… But it is possible with your support develop import substitution in the Russian football one hundred percent?», — the Governor said.

The President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vitaly Mutko at this speech has not yet reacted, unlike the head of state. «I agree,» — said Putin.