Experts in the United States was divided in assessing the election of Rouhani in Iran for the economy

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani. Archival photoExperts in the United States was divided in assessing the election of Rouhani in Iran for the economy© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

American experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, were divided in assessing the implications of the re-election of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for a second term for the world economy; some believe the victory of a moderate candidate’s positive to the Western world, others believe that Iran is nothing to talk about.

Saturday, may 20, the Iranian authorities announced that incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, with 57% of the vote, re-elected for a second term.

Rouhani confirmed the course of Tehran to support Iraq and Syria in the fight against terrorism and said that the last weekend in Riyadh summit with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump and leaders of Arab and Islamic countries do not have the political strength to fight terrorism.

Relations strained

The American administration and its allies, however, also is characterized by warmth and clear position in relation to the re-elected President of Iran. Earlier, the US suspended the discussion of sanctions against Iran in Congress to allow Rowhani to win, because he is one of the most moderate candidates. However, on the eve of the elections, the US government changed their tactics and imposed sanctions against Iran for ballistic missile tests.

The United States also accused Iran of destabilizing the Middle East by supporting the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, the rebels-Houthis in Yemen (Tehran denies it) and government forces in Syria.

The President of the United States Donald trump at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem said on Monday that Iran should be grateful to the former us administration under the leadership of Barack Obama for «the fantastic terms of the deal» on the nuclear program, and added that he will not allow Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

In addition, during the visit to Saudi Arabia the administration of the trump signed a contract for the supply of weapons to 110 billion dollars.

«Moderate leader»

Executive Director, University of «rice» (TX) and former adviser to US Secretary of energy Charles McConnell sees a tough stand against Iran make sense.

«Iran is not our ally, I don’t see him in any other role, as a foreign competitor who will want to exert their power on the market. I see even more reasons for the United States to strengthen global energy independence and to increase the prospects of development that can ensure the safety and stability of the economy», — he said RIA Novosti.

McConnell noted that «energy (the current government will be viewed as — ed.) is a critical part of foreign policy,» which could involve «inappropriate force and manipulation» on the part of Iran.

Senior economist at Smith»s Research&Gradings Scott McDonald, in contrast, believes the victory of Rouhani as a positive factor for the US economy and the world in General, though, and accepts that «relations with the United States is likely to remain problematic.»

«He (Rouhani) was probably more comfortable with a leader to work with OPEC on the issue of finding the point of stability of the market» — the expert believes. And said that «Rouhani is much more friendly to foreign investors than the competitors.» In addition, the President will have to contend not only with external but also internal forces that believe that the country needs to go to greater isolation.

The deal solves all

Head of Fund of Navigator Principal Investors LLC Kyle Shostak (Shostak Kyle) told RIA Novosti that not everything in this issue depends on Iran. On the one hand, «elections in Iran have shown that different segments of society ready for reforms and that is the absolute positive».

«On the other hand, the situation in the Iranian economy and oil prices will be predefined position of the Cabinet trump about what is happening in the middle East. Trump and the state Department are set to revision or, in any case, a revision of the nuclear deal. How real will this revision will be the deciding factor. This will depend on how oil prices and how they will affect the global economy», — said the expert.

«If a renegotiation happens, it is unlikely that Iran will be able to use the window, which opened its economy for the last year or two. The country was directed by foreign investors, the signing of several landmark transactions», — supposes the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

«The signal was received from the Iranian society for the continuation of reforms. If the US administration takes such a tough stance and does not take into account the requests of the reforms that exist in the country, it will not be very far-sighted decision,» he said.

«Likely to be found acceptable to all formula, and I think Rouhani is too willing, but on the other hand, he also makes it clear that there is a limit and ignore the issue of defense and security of Iran, he can not», — concluded Shostak.

Iran and «six» of international mediators on 14 July 2015, reached an historic agreement on the settlement of the longstanding problem of the Iranian atom. Adopted a joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), which removes Iran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU. The agreement with Iran criticized the government of Israel and the current U.S. President is Donald trump.


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