In the Urals Locomotive recidivist sentenced to life imprisonment

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoIn the Urals Locomotive recidivist sentenced to life imprisonment© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

Sverdlovsk regional court on Tuesday sentenced to life imprisonment Jurgis Baauw recidivist nicknamed the Locomotive, accused of killing four people, according to the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

Earlier, the head of the press service GU MVD in the region reported that on December 26, 2016 in the village of Coin near the town of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region 46-year-old recidivist, convicted three times for theft, robbery and murder, known in criminal circles as the steam Engine, had a row with his four companions and killed them. Victims of the Locomotive were two women and two men aged 44 to 67 years, whose bodies he dumped in the cellar, and the building was on fire.

«During judicial debate the state accuser focused court on purpose of punishment in the form of life imprisonment, considering that earlier the defendant was tried for murder and, after serving his sentence, was again committed murder, this time of four people. The court appointed Jurgis Baauw punishment in the form of lifelong imprisonment with serving in a colony of special regime. The verdict has not entered into legal force», — is spoken in the message of Prosecutor’s office.

The Supervisory authority said that in the course of a criminal investigation the accused admitted guilt fully. According to the conclusion psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination, Baauw declared sane, to give account of their actions at the time of the crime.

According to Sverdlovsk, SU RF IC, the case was held more than 30 different examinations, including biological, molecular genetic, forensic, medical forensic and forensic psychiatric.

Sverdlovsk regional court on Tuesday said that sentence will be the Locomotive in the colony of special regime. In addition, the court has satisfied the civil suit of the owner of the burned house and ordered the defendant to pay compensation. The verdict can be appealed to the Supreme court.