Italian police told on the trail of the tramp in Rome

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Police headquarters of Rome in connection with the arrival on Tuesday to Italy of the President of the United States Donald trump introduced a plan ensuring maximum security, said in a statement on the website of the office.

«Board number one» landed in Rome’s Fiumicino airport on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, trump is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis and Vatican’s Secretary of state Pietro parolin, after which he, accompanied by his wife and daughters will visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel.

The following points in the program, trump will be moving to the Quirinale Palace and a meeting with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the subsequent negotiations in the residence of the American Ambassador with the Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni.

While the US President is engaged in politics, his family members will be engaged in public work. Spouse Melania trump will attend the children’s hospital of the infant Jesus, and daughter Ivanka will meet with members of the Community of Sant’egidio and several women victims of trafficking. In the second half of the day the trump will fly to Brussels to attend the NATO summit, so a few days later to return to Italy for a meeting of leaders «the Big seven» which will be held in Sicily on may 26-27.

For each of the movements trump and his family, the Roman police have provided four route. The decision on which one to choose will be taken at the last moment on the basis of information received directly from the chief of police in Rome, Guido Marino. Just passed on Monday night a plan for the security of the us President’s visit has about 70 pages and involves several hundred officers of law and order.

Around the Vatican, the presidential Palace and the residence of the US Ambassador will be formed three zones of maximum control, which will impose restrictions for pedestrians and cars. A number of roads completely closed to traffic for public transport, a list of changed routes already laid out on the transport portal of the city. Its center will be included in the «green» safety zone, where will be forbidden to hold marches and demonstrations, «which can complicate the conduct of the visit».

To protect the head of the American state Italian law enforcement agencies intend to apply the scheme of concentric circles: the inner loop will deal with the protection of the President in the immediate vicinity, the average provides for the deployment on the selected route 30 rapid response teams, external will work to identify and fallbacks potential threats from groups of people.

«Scientific police units have developed a network of cameras in the places recognized as the most sensitive… the Video will also be provided from the state police helicopter», — is spoken in the message of the Roman police headquarters.

Trump makes first foreign tour as head of state: the Vatican and Italy he will visit at the end of the visit Saudi Arabia and Israel.


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