Matvienko has proposed a ban on participation of minors in the protests

© Photo : press service of the Federation Council Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. Archive photoMatvienko has proposed a ban on participation of minors in the protests© Photo : press service of SF

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers it appropriate to establish a legislative ban on participation of minors in protests, particularly unsanctioned.

«I am convinced that children – children, teenagers – should not participate in such promotions, especially if they are unauthorized. Families, teachers, parent committees, the authorities should think how to prevent it», — she told in interview to the newspaper «Izvestia».

According to Matvienko, the Federation Council can discuss the possibility of adoption of the law on the prohibition of students to participate in protests. «Maybe legislation should establish the prohibition of involving children in this kind of mass action. Worries me when I see that happening. I believe this practice should be legally suppressed,» she said.

«I do not exclude that we will discuss it within the chamber. After all, minors are not always able to make truly informed decisions», — said the speaker of the Federation Council.

She considers «unacceptable, dishonest and cynical» involvement of minors in illegal mass events via the Internet.

«After all, children are at risk, threatened their safety. It is dishonest, it is cynical, it is a violation of moral and civil standards,» — said Matvienko.


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