Media: experts have criticized the program of the digital economy

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The expert Council under the Russian government criticized the program «Digital economy», prepared on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation to establish in Russia not less than ten «national Champions» in the sphere of high technologies, said on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the addressed to the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov conclusion ES to the draft programme.

It is noted that the conclusion provides observations and suggestions for correction of the document. So, according to members of the ES, the draft programme is a «compilation of sectoral plans and programmes», and declared targets and indicators is difficult to assess — in particular, no baseline comparative values and analysis of the current level of development of the digital economy.

The program is based on a conservative scenario, suggesting, «there is nothing new or significant in the area of IT impact on society and the economy is not going to happen,» recalls the newspaper on the experts. In addition, the document «is missing a holistic understanding of causality». For example, the adoption of the standards after the creation of the systems.

According to experts, the digital economy should affect all spheres of socio-economic activities, and in the draft programme, its development is limited only by state regulation, information infrastructure, R & d, human resources, education, information security, public administration, «smart cities» and digital health.

While the program does not hit most sectors of the real sector, also proposes measures «to PPP development, support for small and medium businesses and startups.» In addition, the program does not consider e-Commerce, despite the fact that the industry is showing high growth rates.

In the Ministry of communications, the newspaper said that the program defines the goals and objectives of the development of the key institutions in which the conditions for the development of the digital economy. Digital development of other industries not covered by the program must be on the basis of the adopted or subject to adoption of sectoral strategic planning documents, said the Ministry.


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