Scientists find out why chilli peppers causes people to lose weight

© REUTERS / StringerПоедание hot pepper in Lijiang, ChinaScientists find out why chilli peppers causes people to lose weight© REUTERS / Stringer

. Open two years ago, «fat burning» properties of chili peppers was related to the fact, as it is the active ingredients influence the behavior of bacteria in the intestinal flora and the sources of inflammation in humans, according to a paper published in the journal mBio.

«The chilli is becoming more popular in the world, and recently our colleagues have discovered that his method allows to get rid of obesity and related disorders, including disorders in glucose metabolism. No one knew exactly how the Chile,» tell Kang Chao (Chao Kang), from the Third military medical University in Chongqing (China).

According to current who data, in the world, since the 80s of last century, today there is a global obesity epidemic. Last year, every third inhabitant of the globe, a total of 1.9 billion people, suffered from extra pounds, about 15% from severe forms of obesity. According to the organization, 47% of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, are associated with obesity.

Two years ago, American scientists from the University of Wyoming was accidentally discovered that the use of chilli or its main active ingredient – capsaicin – did mice almost «immune» to the action of high energy or just a fat diet. Blocking of receptors which recognize these molecules, deprived of a chilli its «magical» properties, the nature of which remained a mystery for physicians.

Kahn and his colleagues found the answer to this question, observing that us has varied in the intestines and the body from a few dozen mice, some of which they were fed fatty foods with the addition of capsaicin, and other high-calorie food without burning such supplements.

These observations uncovered a few unusual things – eating a chili pepper reduce the level of inflammation, frequent in mice on the pure fat diet, prevented the «adhesion» of bacteria to the intestinal wall and did not allow them to penetrate its outer layers. In addition, it suppressed the work of one of the receptors of the intestine associated with the development of chronic inflammation and other problems of immunological nature.

Due to this, in the blood and in other body parts of the mice who consumed capsaicin, was accumulated, much less «scraps» bacterial cell wall, accumulation in the body which usually causes inflammation. All this, as scientists believe, contributed to the fact that the mice burned calories, and not store it in the fat layer.

Common cause of all this, according to Kahn and his colleagues was that the capsaicin was not allowed to breed microbes, is usually dominant in the gut of obese people and animals. These bacteria are usually the main source of «scraps» of cell membranes within the human or mouse, and cause the development of inflammation. In addition, he did not allow them to suppress the activity of beneficial members of the microflora that produce butyric acid and its derivatives which strengthen the walls of the intestine.

All this, as noted by Kahn and his colleagues, argues that «Chile»therapy of obesity really works, and that capsaicin and similar medications can be used to combat the global epidemic of excess weight.


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