Scientists REA im. N. In. Plekhanov teach computer and gadgets to speak correctly

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina ПолянинаPASSARE system synthesis literate textScientists REA im. N. In. Plekhanov teach computer and gadgets to speak correctly© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Polyanina

Scientists from the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov has created a service for application developers and users that generates grammatically correct text in Russian. A software module based on the service responds to individual needs and allows you to «teach» automatic systems to avoid grammatical and speech errors during the synthesis of the text.

Applying General rules to unfamiliar words and phrases, mistaken not only language learners, but even the media, and the probability of error of the automatic system is not fitted with a module for linguistic support is very high. Not less difficulty in the text numerical data. So often you can hear the Navigator mispronounce the route or the answering machine calls with speech errors the balance of the Bank account of the client.

A group of developers under the direction of Professor Timur Sadykov from Rau proposed a new approach to solving the problem and created a program that based on the inherent mathematical algorithms automatically correctly modifies the word creates and changes the phrase to synthesize grammatically correct text for the introductory data. A software module can be used by developers to improve the quality of interaction between its own applications and services with users where required to process large arrays of services of informing, navigation, interactive guides and helpers.

«The goal of our project is to create a fully automated environment that can alter the words to align phrases, to analyze the correctness of the entire text, computer program to «talk» with users without errors in the Russian language. We see prospects of development of the system is to give people the opportunity for any accurate input data is a numeric, tabular, logical and so forth is to generate grammatically correct text in the Russian language of any level of complexity. Our service is completely deterministic algorithmic solution only in the slightest degree dependent dictionary data», – said the scientific head of project, Professor, Department of computer science REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Timur Sadykov.

For processing individual requests of ordinary users, the service is available on Internet website at (after the famous Swedish mathematician Michael Passare (1959-2011), who was President of the Swedish mathematical society and had mastered many foreign languages) and has Russian and English interfaces. On the site there are three groups of functions – modification, coordination and synthesis of the text. So, with the introduction of request synthesis of text on the subject «Weather» in a given city, the system automatically requests data on the website with meteorological data about the weather forecast for the next 24 hours, converts them into grammatically correct text in Russian, and displays it on the screen.


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