Sociologists have named the main life values of Russian youth

© Fotolia / Adam GregorМолодежь. Archival photoSociologists have named the main life values of Russian youth© Fotolia / Adam Gregor

The majority of Russians aged 18-34 years, I consider the most important values of income (15%), order and stability (11%), and self-realization (8%). This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM).

According to the sociologists, for seven per cent of young people are also important freedom for the five per cent personal safety, for four per cent patriotism to three percent — the respect of others. With this commitment to intangible values are stronger among the youngest group of respondents, which sociologists describe as «Millennials» (age 18-20 years).

It is noted that for people over 35 years is the most important stability (18%). In addition, they often think about the income (13%).

According to the survey, for people aged 35 years patriotism is more important than for younger (eight percent versus four), self-actualization occupies one of the last places (three percent).

«With age, the pursuit of the intangible values is giving way to the desire to possess material: income and related stability. The transition is associated with the exit of young people from under parental care and the beginning of independent life,» the study says.

According to the survey, acutely in violation of the values of experiencing «perestroika generation» (young people aged 29-34 years old): they are faced with it more often than the older generation. Most often, youth are faced with a violation of the values in utilities and medicine.

«The main «pain point»… for different groups of young people (after housing and medicine): generation zero (18-20 years) — education (27%) and policy (27%); for the generation of the 90s (21-28 years old) — receipt of public services (33%), politics (32%); for the generation of perestroika (29-34 years) — work (32%) and politics (35%)», — according to the study.

The survey was conducted from 31 March to 11 April in 130 settlements among the nine thousand people by means of personal interviews at the place of residence. The maximum size of the error with a probability of 0.95 does not exceed two percent.

Sociologists have named the main life values of Russian youthHappy and unhappy countries of the world