Sputnik is in the Chinese regions

© SputnikПанельная discussions about development cooperation and integration in the media sectorSputnik is in the Chinese regions© Sputnik

. News Agency and radio Sputnik for the development of regional partner network in China signed a cooperation agreement with a leading media group, Hubei province (China) (Hubei Radio and Television Broadcasting Company (HMG)). The signing took place in the headquarters of Sputnik in the context of media, journalism, publications, broadcasting and television, Hubei province in Russia. The ceremony was attended by head of international projects Sputnik Vasily Pushkov and head of the editorial staff HMG Mr. Shen Tao. Under the terms of the agreement the parties intend to develop bilateral cooperation aimed at increasing informational presence on the territory of Russia and China. The plans of cooperation is the establishment of full audio — and video-sharing, production of analytical programs and implementation of joint media projects in the field of economy, science and culture.

For the Chinese audience Sputnik is developing an information portal Sputnik China and produces radio Sputnik, the same account in the national network Weibo read about 9 million users. Agreement with HMG became the tenth in the Chinese portfolio of Sputnik and the second aimed at developing regional information links, previously Sputnik has agreed to work together with the Internet portal «Dunraven» (Dongbei Wang), one of the leading media of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

Head of international projects Sputnik Vasily Pushkov: «the empowerment of direct information cooperation not only with Central, but also with leading regional media gradually withdraw our cooperation with China to a new level. We especially can not but rejoice the growing interest in information products Sputnik by such a rapidly developing region like Hubei».

In the opening Weeks of the media, journalism, publications, broadcasting and television, Hubei province in Russia at the MMPTS MIA «Russia today» held a panel discussion on the development of cooperation and integration in the media sector. It was attended by the Deputy editor of Sputnik Anton Anisimov, who shared his experience of the Agency in the Chinese market and presented partnership projects with the Chinese media. Among them — discussion platform «Format», to develop professional dialogue between representatives of the journalistic community of Russia and China; «school of the young journalist Sputnik» and «Workshop for young journalist Sputnik», in which young representatives of the international media get acquainted with the work processes of modern media and learn about new formats and trends from the best experts of the media industry.

Sputnik (sputniknews.com) is a news Agency and radio with multimedia hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik includes sites in more than 30 languages, analog and digital broadcasting, mobile applications and social networks. Sputnik Newswires around the clock face Arabic, English, Spanish and Chinese.

Week media, journalism, publications, broadcasting and television, Hubei province in China (23 — 26 may 2017) is held in the framework of the program of Russian and Chinese media 2016-2017. Among the participants — representatives of relevant ministries of both countries and heads of leading media of Russia and China.

The event was organized by media group «Hubei daily», Chubacca radio and television company, a publishing joint-stock company «Yangtze» and others with the support of the provincial government.


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