The head of Nizhny Novgorod wrote a letter of resignation

© Photo : City Duma, The Lower Novgorodian Kornilin. Archive photoThe head of Nizhny Novgorod wrote a letter of resignation© Photo : the municipal Duma of Nizhny Novgorod

The head of Nizhny Novgorod Ivan Karelin wrote a statement on early termination of powers in connection with resignation at own will, has informed on Tuesday a press-service of the city Duma.

The deputies of the city Duma of the new convocation at its first meeting, on 7 October 2015, the elected head of the city Ivan Kornilina, who had headed the Duma of several convocations. According to the Charter of Nizhny Novgorod, the mayor is elected from the city at the time of her powers.

«The head of Nizhny Novgorod Ivan Karelin wrote to the city Council a statement asking to dismiss him from his post. It is expected that this application will be considered tomorrow at session of the city Duma», — is spoken in the message.

According to Kornilina, which leads to the press service, in January of this year he turned 60 years — «the time when decided to retire». «In the municipal government I worked for more than 25 years is a long time. We have two very important events in the life of the city that require full concentration and dedication, therefore I took the decision to resign as mayor to make way for the young», — he said.

The mayor also announced that «now are actively consulted about possible candidates for the future leader of the city.»

«About myself I can add that after leaving from a post of the mayor, and I’m still a member of city Council and will make every effort to work for the good of his constituents and his native city», — said Karelin.


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