The Jews urged politicians to forget about tolerance after the attack in Manchester

© AP Photo / Rui VieiraПолиция near Manchester Arena, where bombingsThe Jews urged politicians to forget about tolerance after the attack in Manchester© AP Photo / Rui Vieira

The Russian Jews are experiencing grief and indignation at the actions of terrorists in Manchester and Express condolences to the families of the victims, said chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar.

The victims of the attack at the stadium in Manchester the night before became 22.

«My people know what terrorism is, we are already more than half a century are some of its main targets. But now the terrorist threat is a global phenomenon — no country, no nation, no religious community can feel safe, can’t be sure that tomorrow it will not become the next victim. And involuntarily ask myself: what else needs to happen to the civilized world finally realized that he was declared a war of extermination?!», — Rabbi quoted his press service.

«How many more innocent people must die until, when the state will finally stop talking about «compromise» and «political decisions», and will answer the war a real war?!», — asks Lazar.

Now, according to him, in the fashion term «tolerance» — any ideology supposedly has its reasons and its truth. But, according to Rabbi, tolerance of terrorist organisations and the ideology on which they rely is that during the Second world war was called «collaboration».

«I am convinced that the time has come for the civilized world to remember what price he had to pay for too long «tolerance» to the German fascism and its allies. And apply against the «fascism of the XXI century» — of any structures of international terrorism and any States that these structures support — the funds that allowed us to save the world from the power of bad people,» said Rabbi Lazar.

In turn, the head of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda believes that the goal of terrorists is to scare people and incite hatred between them. He urged not to give in to it.

«We call on world leaders to join efforts in the fight against terrorism — indeed, as international experience shows, the victory over this evil is possible only with joint action of the leading countries of the world, when it disappears the division of terrorists into «bad» and «good,» said Beard.