The Russian pavilion at «EXPO-2017» in Astana will adorn the iceberg

© RIA Novosti / Alexander to Voronyata in fotobanka conference in EXPO-2017 in Astana. Archival photoThe Russian pavilion at «EXPO-2017» in Astana will adorn the iceberg© RIA Novosti / Alexander to Voronyata the image Bank

The Russian pavilion at the international exhibition «EXPO-2017» in Astana will attract visitors coolness and ability to take a selfie next to an iceberg, said the Director of the business program of the «Russia EXPO-2017» Anton Atrashkin at a press conference at the international multimedia press center MIA «Russia today».

«The Russian pavilion will be much colder than around Astana. In the Russian pavilion will be presented to the Russian Arctic. It is this background against which businesses, regions will present their exhibitions. We hope that all who are in the unpleasant heat of Astana will come to our pavilion, they are very happily exhaled. We are one of the icebreakers (of the Russian company «Rosatom» — ed.)», — said Atrashkin.

«In the center under the dome will be a real iceberg, huge ice block. We hope that many visitors will want to take pictures with him. From him will come the inhuman cold, so long with him to be people will not. In short, we want those who come to the pavilion, it was very interesting and cool that they did a lot of selfies in our pavilion. On the other hand, that they learned something new,» he also said Atrashkin.

According to him, despite the fact that the exposition will, in General, popular science, the program of Russia’s participation in the twelve week «EXPO-2017» in most parts «will be dedicated to the audience, which is called b2b, it professionals, business scientists.»

International specialized exhibition «EXPO-2017» will be held in Kazakhstan from June 10 to September 10 2017. The event will showcase the latest achievements of science in the development of «green» energy. As the General Commissioner of the Russian section of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov, the Russian exposition will focus on the Arctic theme.