«We almost got trampled»: the witnesses of the attack told about the incident

© REUTERS / Jon Origprice near Manchester Arena, where bombings«We almost got trampled»: the witnesses of the attack told about the incident© REUTERS / Jon Super

Several spectators of the concert Ariana Grande in Manchester, where the night before the explosion occurred, told The Guardian about what was happening in the room the moment of the attack.

«There was a powerful Bang similar to a bomb, it caused a General panic, and we tried to escape from the arena. Cotton was one, and everyone who was on the other side of the arena, with which an explosion was heard, suddenly ran in our direction…» — said 22-year-old Majid Khan.

«The explosion echoed in the lobby of the arena and people started running,» said 17-year-old Oliver Jones.

«At the end there was a loud explosion. Suddenly turned on the light so that we understand that it is not part of the show. At first we thought it was a bomb. There was a lot of smoke. People began to run outside. When we got out, we saw dozens of police vans and several ambulances», — describes the incident 20-year-old Erin Mandahl.

A group of young people told The Guardian that they had seen at least five people, stained with blood.

«All cried, we almost got trampled. Smelled burning,» he told the 25-year-old Sophie Todd.

According to recent reports, the explosion at the «Manchester Arena» killed 22 people, injured 59 more. The government officially acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack. Responsibility for it over itself until no one picked up.