Agent «GLONASS» in Primorye will cease to work with individuals

© RIA Novosti / semen to Upasampada in Photobacterium system ERA-GLONASS. Archival photoAgent «GLONASS» in Primorye will cease to work with individuals© RIA Novosti / semen to Apasampradaya the image Bank

One of the authorized agents of JSC «GLONASS» in Primorye — «sumo wrestler-Auto» — stopped selling to individuals, from June 1 to distribution terminals «ERA-GLONASS» will be engaged in official customs representatives, the press service of the regional administration.

According to local media, 22 people may come to the office «Sumotori» to get paid modules ERA-GLONASS, but the administration was not there, and the office for the sale of the devices was closed.

«According to the contract, the agent GLONASS has the right to determine the distribution system and the installation of terminals subject to technical requirements and reporting to the JSC «GLONASS». We took on additional responsibilities to create an open electronic queue, in order to prevent speculation during this difficult period. But in the process revealed that «grey» schemes, false claims, fake contracts and powers of attorney. In this regard, a decision was made to cease work with individuals and non-accreditation of customs representatives, and the transition to the distribution system B2B», – said the head of the group of companies «sumo wrestler-Auto» Vitaly Verkeenko.

From June 1 to an electronic queue on the website of the company will be closed and the distribution of the terminals «ERA-GLONASS» will be engaged in official customs representatives, which «Sumotori-Avto» will sign the contract. The company website also notes that all payments on verification of applications will be returned to the applicants.