Duterte Putin offered friendship and asked for modern weapons

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte during the meeting. 23 may 2017Duterte Putin offered friendship and asked for modern weapons© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte going to be friends with Moscow and counts on the delivery of modern weapons. This was discussed in the talks Duterte with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The transfer negotiations

Originally a meeting of politicians was to be held on may 25, but the Philippine leader has decided to urgently return home, where government troops are fighting with the group that supports terrorists from the «Islamic state»*.

Duterte told Putin that he needed to return home, where they are fighting against terrorists.

«I, unfortunately, have to fly there and be there. There are people dying,» said Duterte at the beginning of negotiations.

Being already in Moscow, the President of the Philippines declared a state of emergency in the province of Mindanao in the South of the country.

What he wants Manila

Duterte Putin said that the Philippines is in need of modern weapons.

«We had certain orders in the US, but now the situation is not very smooth. And in order to fight ISIL*, with their divisions, the individual groups, we need modern weapons. I came to enlist your support and ask for your help,» said Duterte.

The Philippine leader said that Moscow is «a reliable partner».

«I wish you to in spite of that, incidents such as we have, can be repeated as often. I came here to enlist your support, to offer our friendship,» he added.

The parties also discussed trade relations between Moscow and Manila.

«We need to develop trade, trade turnover,» — said Duterte.

In response, Putin said that the two countries have many areas for cooperation.

«We have many promising interesting trends, including power engineering, transport infrastructure, energy and, of course, cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation», — said the Russian leader.

«We know that our employees, colleagues did a good job and prepared a package of documents. Your Ministers are here to stay, and tomorrow this package of documents aimed at the development of our relations, will be signed,» — said Putin.

The Philippines is «moving away» from US

Before visit to Moscow Duterte gave an interview to the Russian media. Philippine leader, in particular, criticized the U.S., saying that Washington was excluded from the list of the countries whose Manila to for help.

The West sharply criticized Duterte for his methods of dealing with drug addiction in the country. According to the UN, since the arrival of politics to power in may last year, the country killed more than six thousand people related to drug trafficking.

«I do everything for my state. When I ran for President, I staked my honor, my life. And I will not allow my country to slip into the abyss. Four million Filipinos suffer from drug addiction. It’s not just a figure, not a problem. This is a problem for other countries, including the European Union. So I decided to keep my distance from them,» said Duterte.

«I see opportunities for new friendship, new ways of cooperation between the Philippines and China and other ASEAN countries and Europe. But I specifically excluded the US from the list of countries from whom I will seek new sources of assistance,» added the Filipino leader.

Speaking of human rights, Duterte stated that «America has moved beyond their natural powers in relations with other States».

«Since the late 60s, the US began to provide support to States, but at the same time began to interfere in their Affairs. It got to the point that they offered help the country in exchange for that she has introduced laws on same-sex marriage and the like. It is not only about human rights but about promoting ridiculous theories lifestyle. And I said it was a bust,» — said the President of the Philippines.

In this Duterte praised their relationship in the American President Donald trump.

«I have nothing against America. We’re all good. Trump is my friend,» said the politician.

Earlier Duterte very sharply criticized former President Barack Obama. So, the Philippine leader has urged Washington not to consider his country «like a dog on a leash.»

It came and to direct insults to Obama. In early September last year, the Filipino leader called his colleague «son of a bitch». In response, the us President called Duterte «colorful guy».

Just a month Philippine President repeated his words to the head of the White house and stated that Manila has to «say goodbye» with the United States.

Relations with Russia and China

In an interview to Russian media Duterte also said that now the world «can rely on the words Russia and China.»

«If the situation in the world, including in regard to ISIS*, worse, I’m not that forced, but will be open to defensive alliances. Now you ought to rely on word of Russia and China. America is hypocritical. There is not the left hand know what your right hand does, so there will always be misunderstandings and problems, and if not hatred, dislike each other,» said the Philippine President.

He added that even at the stage of nomination for the presidency said that «the time will come when the territory of my country should not be any — not just the American military.»

«But when it happens, remains to be solved», — concluded the source.

Philippines for several decades was a colony of the United States. Despite the fact that in 1946 the country gained independence, Manila and Washington have some of the existing military agreements.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.