GD will finalize the cancellation of absentee ballots in elections

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorinskaya of the State Duma. Archival photoGD will finalize the cancellation of absentee ballots in elections© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko

The state Duma will consider on Wednesday in the third final reading a package of bills about refining the procedures for the appointment and procedure of election of the President in 2018 and cancellation of absentee ballots in the election.

A package of bills amending the election law on 3 March submitted to the state Duma, senators of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov. In the second reading initiatives have been taken may 19.

The bills spell out explicitly the procedure for voting on the actual location on election day instead of voting with absentee ballots. If on voting day, the voter will be in another city or region, he will be able to submit to the election Commission statement on inclusion in the list of voters at the place of residence in order established by the Central electoral Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation. The deadline established by the CEC within a limited scope — not earlier than 45 days and not later than 14 PM local time the day prior to the day of voting. Provides and ways to protect applications against counterfeiting, including using special stamps.

Date of presidential elections, under current legislation, falls on the second Sunday in March. Under the proposed amendments, if the second Sunday is a combined, post-holiday or a working day in connection with the transfer of holidays, the day of the vote is not on the previous, and the next — that is, the third Sunday of the month. In 2018 it will be on March 18 (the day of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia).

The bills eliminated the requirement for advance direction in the respective election Commission of the list of observers, as well as mandatory direction of the observer only in one electoral precinct.

In addition, increase to 30 thousand rubles fines for repeated voting of the same persons during the day of voting, for organizing such an illegal vote, illegal results of the ballot to provide the opportunity to vote instead of the voter, for the issuance of completed ballots, and the receipt of such ballots, in case of a repeated violation — up to 50 thousand rubles. The punishment for violation of procedure of use of special mark (stamp) and for knowingly using fake special character.

It is proposed to legislate the possibility of CCTV in the premises for voting and transmission of images to provide voters with information about the voting process. The list informing about the elections the media in addition to traditional, complemented by a network media.

It is also proposed to establish by law the right of observers to make in the polling photos and video by notifying the Chairperson or Secretary of the precinct election Commission.

The draft law envisages an exception to the five-year deadline for the formation of polling stations (polling stations of the referendum) and establishes the possibility of revising their list and borders. Including by disaggregation plots, which will be possible only after consultation with the election Commission of the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation and the subsequent approval of the CEC.