In five districts of the Sakhalin predict high fire danger

© Fotolia / FarmerПожарные cars in the Parking lot. Archival photoIn five districts of the Sakhalin predict high fire danger© Fotolia / Farmer

High fire danger projected in the five districts of Sakhalin on Thursday, the press service of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

«Sakhalin management of Roshydromet forecasts a fourth class of fire danger in the territories of the village, Smirnykh, Nogliki, Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalin and the Poronay areas 25 may», — stated in the message.

Emergency officials remind residents of rural areas, whose houses there is a forest or Prairie area, simple fire safety rules: create a protective zone around the house, constantly cleaning up litter, dry grass, fallen trees.

In addition, it is necessary to remove from the yard all combustibles and fill available containers with water.