In the Mediterranean sea in a shipwreck killed 31 migrant

© AP Photo / Italian NavyИтальянский warship involved in the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean sea. Archival photoIn the Mediterranean sea in a shipwreck killed 31 migrant© AP Photo / Italian Navy

The number of migrants killed on Wednesday in another shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea, reached 31, said the Italian coast guard.

Earlier it was informed about 20 victims of the incident.

The wreck happened about 30 nautical miles off the coast of Libya. Currently conducted search and rescue operation, coordinated by the Rome operations centre coast guard. In operation involved the coast guard ship «Fiorillo», one tug and the ship one of the non-governmental organizations.

According to information coming from the scene of the search and rescue operation, victim of the shipwreck of the ship there were about 500 workers, about 200 of which have been left behind.

Just at present the Italian coast guard is conducting 15 operations to rescue 1.7 thousand refugees in the Mediterranean sea. Already saved about 200 people, the search for victims continues.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second world war, the migration crisis, caused primarily next to armed conflicts and acute economic problems in the Middle East and North Africa. Last week, the international organization for migration (IOM) reported that in the current year to Europe by sea have already arrived almost 54 thousand refugees, and 1316 people were killed when trying to cross the Mediterranean sea.

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