More than 100 people extinguish fires in Krasnoyarsk two cities

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotobanka. Archival photoMore than 100 people extinguish fires in Krasnoyarsk two cities© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

More than 100 people and 58 pieces of equipment to extinguish large fires in the cities of Kansk and Lesosibirsk in Krasnoyarsk region, where houses are burning and extinguishing is complicated by strong winds, according to the Siberian regional Centre (SRC) Russian emergencies Ministry.

Earlier, the emergencies Ministry announced a sharp deterioration of the fire situation in the region caused by hurricane wind and palom grass. According to the interior Ministry, in connection with fires and danger of distribution of fire alarm raised by police officers in two districts of the region: Lesosibirsk and Kansk, where he currently is a few fires.

«More than 100 people and 58 pieces of equipment already are involved in the elimination of large fires in the cities of Kansk and imaging. From nearby areas to places of fires continue to arrive additional forces and equipment, including heavy utility vehicles and cars adapted for firefighting. There are two fire trains», — informs SRTs.

According to SRTs, fires continue to develop in Kansk, about 220 km from Krasnoyarsk.

«On a city street where there was a fire of 9 houses, the fire spread was stopped, firefighters are spilling site until the complete elimination. On another street fixed fire another 14 buildings for various purposes. Gusts of wind create problems for fire departments», — stated in the message.

Not less the difficult situation in the North of the region, Lesosibirsk, 300 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk.

«According to operational information, in a fire about 10 buildings in the residential sector and two severe fire in wood processing facilities. The arrival of additional firefighting forces in the city is possible only via ferry. All efforts are focused on the protection of the nearest habitation. People left the danger zone. Information on victims did not arrive», — is told in the message of SRTs.

At the slightest improvement of weather conditions 3 Mi-8 helicopters EMERCOM of Russia are involved in elimination of fires from the air. Ready to work is the plane-amphibian the be 200.

In the SRC noted that talking about the causes of fires in enterprises is not yet possible. Information transferred to law enforcement agencies. In the residential sector, the fire happened, according to preliminary data, from the burning of garbage and grass in the backyard. If full fire suppression reasons and the guilty will be established by experts of fire supervision and investigative agencies.