On mount Everest found the bodies of dead climbers

© Flickr / Michael FoleyЭверест. Archival photoOn mount Everest found the bodies of dead climbers© Flickr / Michael Foley

The bodies of four people found on mount Everest, according to Wednesday edition of the Himalayan Times.

The climbers — two foreign tourists, a man and a woman, and two conductors were found in a tent at the fourth base camp for climbers of the last before the conquest of the peak. Found them on Tuesday the leaders of the Seven Summit Treks, which are lowered from the top of the body of the Slovak Vladimir Štrba, who died on the mountain Sunday, said the publication’s managing Director Mingma Sherpa. The company suggested that they died due to lack of oxygen in the tent.

The Ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation publication said that checking «every bit of data before calling the names of the victims.»

According to the newspaper, the dead was carried out by climbing the mountain during the expedition, a new trekking company. They stopped to get in touch with Sunday.

Thus, the number of climbers killed on Everest in the current season, has already grown to nine people. At least four were killed on Sunday. Time of death was found Tuesday climbers is not yet established.