One word: «disaster»

© Russian Academy of maucallacta BobrovskyOne word: «disaster»© Russian Academy of Sciences

«The situation in the Russian science can be described in one word: disaster. Absent scientific infrastructure, wages remain miserable, modern equipment is practically absent. To some extent save the situation two science Foundation, RFBR and RF. But the first gives a ridiculous amount, which is enough for a small increase in staff salaries and financial support for students. Grants of RNF 10 times bigger, but their is also not enough to upgrade equipment. The money allocated MSU are distributed in a strange way. For example, the last device at the expense of Moscow state University were bought in our laboratory as much as in 1985. Obviously, such a situation will lead to economic disaster and complete intellectual degradation of the country.
It is urgent to increase the total funding of science and to provide money to those research groups doing science, but not its imitation. This is possible due to the targeted funding of individual scientific groups. The choice of financing should be implemented with the assistance of independent international expertise.»