«People who knew about the theatre»: he died the grandson of Stalin Alexander Burdonsky

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in Photobacterium Director of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army Alexander Burdonsky. Archival photo«People who knew about the theatre»: he died the grandson of Stalin Alexander Burdonsky© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

Theater Director, people’s artist of Russia and a grandson of Joseph Stalin Alexander Burdonsky died in Moscow. He was 75 years old.

As told RIA Novosti in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army, where Burdonsky worked for several decades, said that the Director died after a long illness.

In the theater said that civil funeral and farewell to Burdenski will begin at 11:00 on Friday, may 26.

«Everything will happen in its own theater, where he worked since 1972. Followed by a funeral service and cremation at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery,» — said the representative of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army.

«Real workaholic».

Actress Lyudmila Chursina called the death of Bordosskogo huge loss for the theater.

«It took people who knew about the theatre. Alexander was a real workaholic. His rehearsals were not just professional practice, but also life thought. He has trained many young actors who adored him,» said Chursina RIA Novosti.

«For me it is a personal grief. When parents die, comes the orphanage, and I have a care of Alexander Vasilyevich came the abandonment of acting,» added the actress.

Chursina worked with Burdonsky. In particular, she played in performances of «Duet for soloist», «Eleanor and her men» and «playing on the keys of the soul», which were set by the Director.

«We had six performances, had started to work on the seventh. But there was trouble, and he «burned» for four or five months», — said the actress.

People’s artist of the USSR Elina Bystritskaya called Bordosskogo man of unique talent and an iron will.

«This is a wonderful teacher, with whom I happened along to teach ten years at GITIS, and very talented Director. His departure is a big loss for the theater», she said.

«Knight theater»

The theater and film actress Anastasiya Busygina called Alexander Bordosskogo «true knight theater.»

«With him we had a real theatrical life at its best», — quotes the words of Busygina the TV channel «360».

According to her, Burdonsky was not only a great man, but «a true servant of the theatre.»

Busygina first encountered Burdonsky at the performance of Chekhov’s «the Seagull.» She noted that the Director was sometimes oppressive, but his «love unites actors in a single command.»

How Stalin’s grandson became a Director

Alexander Burdonsky was born October 14, 1941 in Kuibyshev. His father was Vasily Stalin, and mother — Galina Burdonskaya.

The family of the chief’s son, broke up in 1944, however, the divorce parents of Bordosskogo never issued. In addition to the future Director, was the daughter Nadezhda Stalin.

With the birth Burdonsky bore the name of Stalin, but in 1954, after the death of his grandfather, took the mother, which he retained to the end of life.

In one of his interviews he admitted that he saw Josef Stalin’s only from afar — on the podium, and only once firsthand — at the funeral in March 1953.

Alexander Burdonsky graduated from the Kalinin Suvorov military school, after which he entered the directing Department of GITIS. In addition, he studied at the acting course of Oleg Efremova the Studio at the theater «Contemporary».

In 1971, the Director was invited to the Central academic theatre of the Soviet Army, where he was engaged in the production of the play «He who gets slapped». After the success, he was offered to stay in the theater.

During the work of Alexander Burdonsky put on a scene of theatre of the Russian army plays «the lady with the camellias» by Alexander Dumas, «the Snow fell» Rodion Fedenev, «the Garden» by Vladimir Arro, «Orpheus descends into hell» by Tennessee Williams, «Vassa Zheleznova» by Maxim Gorky, «Your sister and captive» Lyudmila Razumovsky, «the Mandate» by Nikolai Erdman, «Last ardently enamoured» by Neil Simon, «Britannic» Jean Racine, «Trees die standing» and «The one that is not waiting for» Alejandro Casona, «The harp of greeting» Michael Bogomolny, «Invitation to the castle» by Jean Anuya, «Duel Queen» by John Murrell, «Silver bells» Henrik Ibsen and many others.

In addition, the Director, staged several performances in Japan. The inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun were able to see «the Seagull» by Anton Chekhov, «Vassa Zheleznova» by Maxim Gorky and «Orpheus goes to hell» by Tennessee Williams.

In 1985 Burdonsky received the title of Honored art worker of the RSFSR, and in 1996 — people’s artist of Russia.

The Director also actively participated in Teatralnoy life of the country. In 2012 he took part in the rally against the closure of the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Gogol, which was reformatted in «Gogol-center».