Physicians learned to protect women from obesity during menopause

© RIA Novosti / Alina Polarisavenue opened an antibody that helps women to get fat after menopausePhysicians learned to protect women from obesity during menopause© RIA Novosti / Alina Polyanina

. An international team of scientists discovered the antibody, overwhelming both the main negative effect of menopause – obesity and osteoporosis, according to a paper published in the journal Nature.

It is believed that most of the animals retains the ability to reproduce throughout their adult life. Barren elderly individuals are not good for the population, which is why the lifespan of most mammals is limited to the timing of their fertility. There are exceptions to this rule among such mammals include man and whale.

In turn, a long life after menopause in women due to so-called grandmother hypothesis. In accordance with this theory, older women cease to breed, for evolutionary reasons — helping their daughters to raise and educate children, grandmother thus increasing the chances of further transmission of their genes. Anthropologists have found confirmation of this theory in populations of Africans stuck in a primitive society.

Clifford Rosen (Rosen Clifford) from the Research center hospital in the town of Maine (USA) and his colleagues studied the development of the two main effects of menopause for women’s health – quick weight gain and a rapidly growing fragility of bones.

She and the other problem, as the scientists explain, due to the fact that women’s ovaries almost completely stop producing estrogen and other hormones that regulate vital body functions at the cellular and tissue level.

Many of these changes associated with the onset of menopause arise from the fact that the body does not «understand» that the ovaries stopped working and trying to get them to produce estrogen, releasing another hormone, FSH. Its increased concentration in the body of women, according to the researchers, accompanied by a rapid development of osteoporosis and obesity.

Following this idea, scientists have created an antibody that joined the molecules of this hormone and did not allow them to connect with receptors on the surface of cells in a woman’s body. They tested the performance of this substance first in cultures of fat cells mice, and then by female rodents that have entered into an artificial menopause after scientists have removed their ovaries.

As shown by these experiments, the antibody indeed inhibited the effects of menopause – mouse, whose organism, scientists injected a small portion of this substance, not fat or much less fat when eating high-calorie food than their counterparts in the control group, and they had no problems with brittle bones.

Interestingly, the entry of this antibody into mice with intact ovaries also resulted in a reduction of body fat. A similar effect was observed in experiments on males. The reasons for this remain unknown, but scientists believe that this is due to the fact that the blocking of the hormone FSH makes rodents more mobile and forces their body to burn more energy in brown fat, not store it in white fat cells.

All this, scientists believe, allows the use of such antibodies not only to suppress the side effects from menopause, but also to combat the obesity epidemic, which today is rapidly spreading around the world.