Polls: 25% of Russians are waiting for improvement of relations between Russia and France

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in photobiannual elected President of France E. MacronPolls: 25% of Russians are waiting for improvement of relations between Russia and France© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

A quarter of Russians are waiting for improvement of relations with Russia and France after the election of President Emmanuel Macron, only 9% believe they will worsen and more than 40% see no change in bilateral relations, the survey showed the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

As shown by an earlier poll, two coming in the second round candidates the sympathies of Russians were on the side of the leader of the party «national front» marine Le Pen. Location to it after the first round, according to VTSIOM, was expressed by 61% of Russians, and her opponent Macron then supported by 8%.

The second round of presidential elections in France took place may 7. Final figures from the interior Ministry, the founder of the movement «Forward», later renamed into «Forward, Republic of», Makron prevailed with a score of 66,1%. May 14, he officially took office as head of state.

«The forecast for improved bilateral relations under the new President Emanuele the Makron give 25%… However, the regression relationship is not expected: they say only 9%. Most of the respondents (42%) agree with the view that the relations will remain at the current level», — stated in the materials of the survey, which is available to RIA Novosti.

Describing the current relationship, the respondents mostly give neutral or negative ratings. According to 30% of the respondents, the relations of the two countries are now normal and calm, 29% of respondents said their cool, the 6% — strained, 2% — hostile. At the same time, 13% rated current contacts of the Russian Federation and France as a friendly, 8% as neighborly.

The head of the Department of research VTSIOM Stepan Lvov said that the expectations of the Russians from the President of Macron and a new stage of bilateral relations «can be defined as restrained with a little bit of positivity».

«If won by marine Le Pen, which in the course of the campaign sympathetic to the majority of Russians, today, would we have seen a surge of optimism about the future of Russian-French relations. But it so happened that was won by the candidate that the Russians are not so well knew and with whom hopes for a thaw in relations were never connected,» — said the expert, commenting on the survey results.

A nationwide survey «polls-Sputnik» was held on 12-13 may 2017 among 1.2 thousand respondents by telephone interviews. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.

Polls: 25% of Russians are waiting for improvement of relations between Russia and FranceElection of the President of France