Premiere week: the fifth part of «Pirates of the Caribbean» out of competition

© AP Photo / Invision/Chris Pizzello the Walt Disney Studio. Archival photoPremiere week: the fifth part of «Pirates of the Caribbean» out of competition© AP Photo / Invision/Chris Pizzello

The most anticipated premiere of the year, the fifth part of the famous franchise — «pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales» with johnny Depp in the lead role, released on Thursday, to compete with Hollywood productions, no one dared, except Multibanka and horror movie «Monsters of the South».

«None of the distributors did not dare to do contrapresiune. The pirates will tear all, they are suitable for any audience, and to compete with them is difficult,» — explained RIA Novosti news Agency «the premiere lull» week, film critic Aleksandr Golubchikov. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, the rating of expectations of the audience was 98%, and critics — only 35%.

Sparrow, the Butcher and the Trident of Posejdona

The release of the blockbuster «pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl» with johnny Depp in the role of the exalted captain Jack Sparrow in 2003 marked the birth of the most successful of the franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer and most successful series of feature films in the history of the Disney company. This was followed by «pirates of the Caribbean: dead man’s Chest» (2006), «pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end» (2007) and «pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides» (2011) — total global box office four films exceeded $ 3.7 billion.

«Working on the first film, we and could not dream that will create something that will grow to such heights… Initially we just wanted to entertain the audience, to move them to another world for a couple of hours, we could not imagine that will bring them into this world almost 15 years. Apparently, we all were predestined pirate share» — quoted Bruckheimer, the press service of Disney.

In the new film «pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales», the producer of which was again Bruckheimer and was directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg, the company Depp made the Oscar-winning Javier Bardem and Geoffrey rush, as well as other actors. Bardem played the captain of the team dead Salazar, nicknamed the Butcher of Sea — antagonist of Jack Sparrow. Salazar has a special hatred for Jack, who’s down on his luck he’s down in the dumps. To defeat the enemy Jack Sparrow can use the mythical Trident of Poseidon, for which he will travel in the company of a compelling Karina Smith and the young sailor Henry.

«To find a really fresh and original moves to the fifth part was not easy, but it was important to us. To get started, we took as reference point the first film. It’s an incredible franchise and a huge responsibility for us. In this series, so many fans around the world, including ourselves, ever since we saw the first film», — quotes the press service of the Directors of the picture.

According to the Directors, they «wanted to make the best movie pirate Saga» — a fun, entertaining and epic picture with a strong emotional core and vivid characters. As it turned out — to be judged by the audience.

Shooting of the blockbuster took place on the East coast of Australia, Moreton Bay, natural Park, Lennox Headland, mount Tambourine, the Whitsunday Islands and in Vancouver. The scene on the ships were shot on large-scale «arena ships» with almost full-size courts that are installed on mobile platforms.

Monsters and cartoons

Along with «Pirates» in the Russian hire leaves a Thriller «the Monster of the South» is a modern «Tales from the crypt» — which grossed at the U.S. box office disappointing the amount of 24 thousand dollars. The plot — a classic «horror». On a lonely road and meet random travellers: two men running from their past, a group of young people who go to the concert, brother in search of lost sisters, the family on vacation. All of them have to confront their darkest secrets and hidden fears.

On Saturday, may 27, for children under the age of «Pirates», the rental starts on the almanac «CARTOON movie». In the new issue of young viewers see fresh episodes of the TV series «Belka and Strelka. Mischievous family», «Mi-Mi-Bears», «the Magic lantern», «Arkady Locomotives to the rescue», «Luntik and his friends», «Tim and Tom» and «Paper».


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