Social Navigator has studied the proposals for children’s summer holiday

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura in Photobacterium on the beach of the Black sea at the camp Blue wave in Saki region of CrimeaSocial Navigator has studied the proposals for children’s summer holiday© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura the image Bank

. The experts of the project «Social Navigator» (part of the MIA «Russia today») has prepared an updated online resource for choosing the programs of children’s rest in Russia and abroad. Navigator prepared in cooperation with regional Executive authorities of the Russian Federation and major tour operators. Navigator allows parents to rank recreation programs in geography, topics (language, art, science), price, accessibility for children with disabilities and autistic children. Program description includes information about the dates and venue, the number of children and teachers, the core exercises in the camp and on the expected result of these activities, as well as about the living conditions. The Navigator entered 513 programs of children’s summer holidays, of which 501 in Russia, the rest abroad.

«We annually conduct research and update the Navigator to the recreation of children, which helps parents navigate the large flow of information and to choose a program of rest for the child is not only fun, but also safe, and also meet the financial capabilities of the family.»

While maintaining the level of security of children’s programs at the same level, the number of available summer holidays decreased by 1.5 times, reduced the number of programs available to persons with disabilities. The average cost shifts in the summer of 2017, compared with last year increased by a little more than 3000 rubles, amounting to 28446 rubles. At the same time, most, like last year, are programs aimed at total child development (306 programs), as well as the change of the sports (183). Less only offers natural science programs (26 out of 513). As for the duration of rest, the organizers left the priority shifts to 21 and 14 days.

According to data provided by commercial companies and representatives of regional bodies of Executive power in the top 3 regions that offer the program of summer holiday, includes Moscow and Moscow oblast, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Novosibirsk oblast, the leaders of last year were Moscow and region, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad oblast, Krasnodar Krai.

© Press service of Mosgortransa TurinaSocial Navigator has studied the proposals for children’s summer holiday© Press service of Mosgortransa.
Russian Navigator at the children’s camping is an annual product of the project «Social Navigator» media group «Russia today», where all the data for decision-making by parents, where to send the child to relax in the summer.

Navigator is being developed with the support of the organizers of child recreation and regional Executive authorities of the Russian Federation.

«Social Navigator» — advocacy project MIA «Russia today», aims to cover a wide range of socially significant problems and issues: medicine, education, palliative care, charity, volunteering, migration, etc. under the project, include information products like «Navigator of the applicant», «Profstandart teachers: new opportunities for growth», «Best schools of Russia», «Children holiday», «Find me, mom» and «Help». «Social Navigator» in 2016, was recognized as the best social project of Russia and received the prestigious international prize at the PRGN Best Practice Awards.