The court will consider the claim of Friedman to «Vedomosti» in an article about «Russian mafia»

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotobanka Alfa group Mikhail Fridman. Archival photoThe court will consider the claim of Friedman to «Vedomosti» in an article about «Russian mafia»© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Ostankino court of Moscow on Wednesday will consider on the merits the claim of billionaire Mikhail Fridman on protection of honor and dignity to the newspaper «Vedomosti» in an article about «Russian mafia» in Spain.

The parties previously negotiated the settlement of the dispute out of court. As expected, the meeting will be known, if they managed to come to an agreement.

Earlier a press-the court Secretary Christine Batyrov said that the claim related to article of 27 February with the title «Like a Spanish project Mikhail Fridman was involved in the case about «Russian mafia». The businessman asks to disprove the information, stating monetary claims.

The parties have expressed readiness to settle the dispute peacefully — «Vedomosti» admitted mistake, and Friedman assured that you will be satisfied with a published rebuttal.

Member of the Board of Directors of the newspaper «Vedomosti» Demyan Kudryavtsev has apologized to the businessman.

«The newspaper has not done all that was necessary to obtain review of Michael Friedman and «the alpha-groups» that bad attitude to the readers. But this editorial business, I hope that the newspaper will find a reasonable way to get back to the topic and to provide the public with complete information and positions of all parties, as is usually done. But thus some of my criticisms Mikhail Fridman was unfair, and I offer him an apology,» wrote Kudryavtsev in Facebook.

He previously stated that Friedman and his staff did not answer reporters ‘ questions and did not explain its position before publication, and did not offer pre-trial decisions after. However, the chief editor of «Vedomosti» Dmitry Simakov RNS stated that, in preparing articles about Friedman, which has become a cause for the filing of a lawsuit, was made a «human error» — comment on article in the newspaper’s staff appealed to the wrong address. According to him, the error was caused by several of the editorial staff.

Friedman told RIA news through his official representative that he was ready to discontinue the proceedings with «Vedomosti,» if the newspaper would write a retraction. The businessman called a «positive development» the fact that the editors partially admitted their mistake, calling the article «human error.»


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