The Greek Parliament was accused of mocking Christianity and pandering to Islam

© AFP 2017 / Meid Aris in the Greek Parliament in Athens. Archival photoThe Greek Parliament was accused of mocking Christianity and pandering to Islam© 2017 AFP / Aris Messinis

The Orthodox clergy of Greece has accused members of Parliament of the country in violation of the rights of believers – the parliamentarians called obscurantism protests against the law on cremation, according to the portal AgionOros.

Cremation was legalized in Greece in the past year. The bill has drawn condemnation from the Orthodox Christians, who make up the majority of the population.

«The behavior of the ruling party in Greece is causing the issue. Why 34 deputies from SYRIZA tabled in Parliament on the question of the establishment of a Muslim cemetery in Attica, justifying his initiative economic and social reasons, and 40 days ago, some members of the same party in the parliamentary session called for any protest against the cremation of obscurantism and tried with a lot of pathos, strong emotion, tears, emotional awe and populist statements to impose it legally», — said the Metropolitan of Messinia Chrysostomos.

He stressed that he is not opposed to the creation of a Muslim cemetery. Cleric confused by the inconsistent actions of the party. He did not like that deputies «unilaterally» to Express respect for the traditions of Islam and at the same time, «scornful ridicule» the Christian tradition of burial.

«I believe that the government, which plans through serious constitutional reform to emphasize the independence of the state from religion, has no right to make such derogatory statements expressing bias and lack of independence in decision-making. Thus, it becomes obvious that the government and the ruling party is de facto not respected or religious identity, or religious freedom,» concluded the Metropolitan.