The Majilis of Kazakhstan in the first reading approved the penalty of deprivation of citizenship

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Deputies of Majilis (lower chamber) of Parliament of Kazakhstan approved in first reading amendments to legislation to bring it into conformity with the norms of the Constitution, which, in particular, suggest an additional form of criminal punishment in form of deprivation of citizenship, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

«Additional criminal penalty of deprivation of nationality provided for in article 21 of the Criminal code,» — said the Minister of justice of Kazakhstan Marat Beketayev, presenting the bill at the plenary session of the house.

According to him, 14 the composition of particularly serious terrorist offences provided for in articles 10 of the Criminal code provides for alternative punishment in the form of deprivation of citizenship. For example, for an act of terrorism, creation and management of terrorist group and participation in its activities.

The Minister explained that as a main national interest is the inviolability of the constitutional order. In this concept includes: independence, unitary and presidential form of government of the country. «To offences in the Commission of which caused serious harm to the national and vital interests of Kazakhstan, related 16 offences provided for in 11 articles of the Criminal code. For example, genocide, separatist activities, the establishment or leadership of an extremist group or participation in its activities,» Beketayev said.

He explained that «the punishment will be appointed by the court in exceptional cases on the basis of full investigation of the case, gravity of the acts committed and the severity of the ensuing consequences.»

In General, the draft law introduces amendments and supplements to 7 codes and laws 46.