The public chamber will ask local media to promote news about NGOs

© Fotolia / lenetsnikolaiРабочий editor’s Desk. Archival photoThe public chamber will ask local media to promote news about NGOs© Fotolia / lenetsnikolai

Members of Public chamber (OP) Russia conduct trainings for regional media, where journalists will learn the popularization of news on non-commercial organizations (NCOs), said a member of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on social policy, labor relations and quality of life Elena Topoleva-Soldunova.

«We will tell the regional media about how to build cooperation with NGOs as lead NCO in history top news and how to make better level of dialogue between NGOs and the media,» said Topoleva-Soldunova on Wednesday at a press conference devoted to the forthcoming forum active citizens of the Community and the University OP of the Russian Federation in the southern Federal district.

The forum, which will take place in Rostov-on-don, June 9-10, will also be organized a training for socially active adolescents and for business representatives.

«It will be a training program for municipalities and small and medium-sized businesses. We will tell about what benefits may be available to municipalities and small and medium businesses in partnership with non-profit organizations. And how such cooperation is easier to line up», — she added.