Tuning in the law. How to change the design of the car and to please the traffic police

© Fotolia / Maksim Tooldevice in the carTuning in the law. How to change the design of the car and to please the traffic police© Fotolia / Maksim Toome

The interior Ministry of Russia remembered the tuning and decided to make it the legalization of more transparent. For this purpose the Ministry has developed a draft resolution, which contains not only the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union, but also talks about all the stages of legalization structural changes from a preliminary estimation of works prior to the issuance of a certificate of compliance with safety requirements. RIA news decided to find out what design changes can be legalized and endorsed by the traffic police.


Protective lining on the hood, boot spoiler, a different radiator grille, other bumpers or sills, plastic windproof lining on the glass — any additional items not specified in design, can be a reason for the carping of traffic police officers. But only if these items are not provided by the factory specs of the car and not installed on more expensive equipment. In other words, if you set on your Mercedes-Benz AMG aerodynamic body kit or BMW body parts from a sporting line of M that are available for the more expensive versions of the model, to formally register such changes are not necessary.

The braking system also must be certified on a mandatory basis. If you are installing brakes from another model, then get ready to pass the technical examination and appropriate tests. The same procedure awaits those who have modified the suspension of the car and changed the position of the body, for example, greatly increased ground clearance of an SUV, or Vice versa, «pressed» car «belly» to the ground. Changes in the characteristics of rigidity and installation of the struts on the rack will be allowed without conducting additional tests, again, if all new parts are certified.


If the doors of your «Zhiguli» began to open up in front of the hood weighs my bumper, led lights illuminate the moon, and dual muffler strike sharply about all the speed humps, the traffic police inspector justifiably suspect your car is in compliance and security. It does not need any special devices or special knowledge — all done by eye. For such a violation is not only the penalty of 500 roubles, but also more severe punishment, the traffic police has the full right to terminate your registration of your vehicle after entry into force «platystrophia» resolution on offense. To avoid this, deal with the legalization of tuning before it starts.

In addition to the commencement of any works need to go to a private firm, which will conduct a preliminary examination and issue an opinion on the possibility of amending the design. This organization needs to be accredited to carry out conformity assessment to the requirements of TR CU. Next, you need permission to perform works from the state traffic Inspectorate, and then you can start work. After being re-examination, then the vehicle passes inspection and the traffic police receive a certificate of conformity of the car with the included in its design changes meet safety requirements. In special cases, when your car is much changed, the certificate is better to have (although not required by law), otherwise you’ll have constantly to appeal the same decision.