Usmanov compared with Bulk Ball

Billionaire Alisher Usmanov has recorded a new video message to Alexey Navalny in which he compared it with a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov «heart of a Dog» Ball.

According to the businessman, he was waiting for an apology from the Bulk, and not invitations to debate.

«Instead, I heard his regular insults, lies, cheap populism, different kinds of statements such as «you stole our ore», «where did you get the money», «where the first million», «all the stealing, it means that Usmanov was stealing,» said Usmanov.

The billionaire compared with Bulk hero «heart of a Dog» Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov — «character with a huge disruption in the head, which wanted to take away and divide».

«Here you are, Alex, Polygraphovich become. A worthy successor. But if the ball — the ball just a stupid, uneducated demagogue, by the book, you go on. You’re not just a demagogue, but also a fine liar,» — said Alisher Usmanov.

The businessman also commented on the reaction of the opponent on the first video. According to Usmanov, own readers «caught» opposition «invented article for rape», and then Bulk «hid behind a book the British Ambassador,» in which, as it turned out, «nothing there».

«Lied to you personally, and we must apologize to you. What debate? It’s like that debate between truth and lie. We will debate in court, Alexei Navalny Polygraphovich. FIE on you again», — said Usmanov.

Alisher Usanov published the first video in the first day of the trial on the suit on protection of honor and dignity to Alexei Navalny. In the video the billionaire responded to the accusations of corruption relations, the shadow schemes of profit and «robbery» of their own officers, allegedly working for pennies. The businessman denied the allegations.

Navalny commented on the second appeal Usmanov in his Twitter. «Yes, there is actually another video Usmanov. I thought it was a joke,» said the opposition leader.