Baby first heard the voice due to the implanted hearing aid

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Video — year-old Annabel Lawrence from the USA. She was born completely deaf, but now Annabel has the first opportunity to hear the mother’s voice and the sounds of the world, as the doctors turned on her cochlear implant the implant. This device, which is used for children and adults with partial or full hearing loss when conventional hearing AIDS do not help. The operating principle of a conventional hearing aid is to amplify sound to the ear canal. But total loss of hair cells in the inner ear (the cochlea) that are responsible for sound transmission to the brain, to amplify sound useless.

The implant in its modern form was invented in the late 70-ies of the last century, although the birth method dates back to XVIII century. Then the doctors during carried out under local anaesthetic operations began to notice that when you touch a metal tool to the cochlea of a person to hear the sounds. In the late XIX – early XX century was carried out the first studies on the effects of electric impulse on hearing.
The world’s first multi-channel implant, which was developed by the founder of the Australian company Graham Clark, appeared in the late 70s. Clark’s Father was deaf and his inventions son hoping to help him.
In Russia such operations have been carried out since 2000-ies. More than 80% of patients – children, usually born deaf. The ideal age for surgery is considered to be 1.5 — 2 years. Then the child, after successful rehabilitation, will not lag behind peers and even be able to go to regular school.